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Daycare Sage Day Care Software for Home Care, Daycare, Preschool, Afterschool,  Faith-Based, School Districts, and Learning Development Centers

Daycare Sage™ software is the leading affordable Day care management software available. Our software was designed with your needs as a professional Day care provider in mind. Daycare Sage™ Day care software is complete, affordable, powerful and flexible.

Right out of college I knew what I wanted to do- teach preschoolers.  Starting my own Daycare and managing 40 kids and 4 staff members was a challenge.  Lucky for me I found Daycare Sage.  It manages the day to day for both my students and staff.  Helped me to deal with State based program reimbursements, meals, payroll, class scheduling, bus scheduling, school drop-offs and most importantly security of who had access to the students.

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11 Reasons Why your center should use the Daycare Sage Management Software:

1) Our Daycare Sage comes complete with every function you need to run your Day care business.
2) Our idea of affordability doesn't cost thousands of dollars.
3) Our Daycare Sage doesn't have modules that can easily triple the price of the software, and we don't force you to sacrifice functionality for "affordability."
4) Our Daycare Sage is PC-based and installed. You own your software and data, and never have to worry about your internet connection being slow or going down, or about your software host going out of business. After all, are you open 10 hours a day or 9 hours and 50 minutes if your internet connection goes down?
5) Our Daycare Sage is not web-based. You are not leasing your software, you don't have monthly payments, your costs never go up, and you control how you use your software.
6) Our Daycare Sage includes a time clock that runs on any windows computer.
7) Our Daycare Sage can be installed on multiple computers (including home computers, laptops, etc.) when used for the same center.
8) Daycare Sage support includes free email support, free website forums, and free tutorials.
9) Our Daycare Sage offers unique billing rates to automate how your center bills, instead of making you change how you bill, or making you manually enter charges.
10) Our developers of the Daycare Sage, B & I Computer Consultants, have a 10 year history of providing top notch professional software and support, with over 6,000 highly satisfied current users.
11) Our Daycare Sage offers a 100% 60 day money back guarantee.

What makes Daycare Sage Day care software such a great value is that it doesn't require you to purchase anything else to run your Day care business and comes with such a complete set of functions, including:

  • stores every Day's complete information including immunizations, medical information, and parent and pickup person information, with photos for everyone
  • includes Day and center journals to record progress reports, incidents, daily checklists, etc
  • flexible enough to handle monthly, weekly, daily, and/or hourly billing, full time/part time billing, prepaid attendance, drop-off billing, coupons, and even different billing rates for different days and times
  • graphically tracks and automatically generates child bills, with the ability to email bills to parents
  • graphically tracks staff hours and automatically generates staff paysheets
  • lets parents and staff sign themselves in/out with the included Time clock program
  • tracks all center expenses including mileage and applies time-use percentages
  • creates attendance and staffing reports that show daily and even hour-by-hour attendance and schedules
  • creates USDA meals charts, and includes full menu planning functionality
  • includes full activity planning functionality
  • runs accounting reports that show payments, income, which children are behind in their payments, and which staff you owe wages to
  • creates form letters through Microsoft Word
  • creates, recalls, and sends emails with built in email functionality
  • protects your data with the built-in backup system and 4 level password protection
  • includes daycare forms to help you comply with laws and protect your business
  • supports any international currency format
  • creates custom reports with selectable information, column order and contact grouping (reports output to Notepad, Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel)
  • plus much, much more!!!
"Day care businesses will benefit immensely from the purchase of Daycare Sage. It is very comprehensive, affordable, user friendly and provides a wide range of support necessary should any problems arise."
"Value. Daycare Sage is relative inexpensive and because it is so comprehensive, you are definitely getting the best bang for your buck."

Daycare Sage™ software is the leading affordable Day care management software available. Our software was designed with your needs as a professional Daycare provider in mind. Daycare Sage™ is complete, affordable, powerful and flexible. Daycare Sage™ automates and organizes your business, saving you from constant time-consuming paper work.

Daycare Sage™ is such a great value because our software comes with every feature you need out of the box to run your home-based center.

We also include many features that other software does not, including:

1) a software time clock to let parents sign themselves in and out,
2) a flexible billing system that can automate any home-based center

·         charging a fixed amount for 3 days a week and charging extra for more days,

·         automatically applying a 10% sibling discount

·         automatically charging for early arrivals and late pickups

·         automatically charging more if the child is at center for

        more than a set number of hours,
and much, much, more,

3) a journal system to track milestones, evaluations, and observations
4) time space/use and expense tracking,
5) a complete appointment system to track parent conferences,
6) an activity planning system to create activity charts,
7) and much more. 

Daycare Sage™ runs on Microsoft Windows based machines Any computer from the last six years can run our program, and we include all required software. 

In case you have any questions about how to use our software, we offer free email support. We also give you complete access to our user forums where you can find answers to most of your questions. Our Daycare Sage also comes with full manuals, user guides, and video tutorials that explain and show how to use our program.


 There are 2 basic types of systems available for your home-based childcare center, pc-based and web-based. Our system is pc-based because we believe that this is the best option for your center. The advantages of a pc-based system include: you own the software and your data, you can use a time clock where parents and staff can sign in/out (so you don't have to transcribe hours each day, and you don't have to have paper sign-in sheets,) you can use the system when the internet is down, you can store child photos, and you can keep alumni children in your system without paying extra. But the biggest advantage of pc-based systems is the overall user experience. Not only are PC-based systems more comprehensive and interactive, they are also much faster than web based systems, especially if you have a slow internet connection. Think about the last time you checked your Yahoo or Gmail account. Each time you clicked anywhere, there was a delay of a few seconds. This is a perfect example of a web-based system, and is why your system should be PC-Based.

                                                                                                                                               M(number) means module at extra cost




Minute Menu

EZ-Care Online

ProCare Mini

Basic Information






PC or Web Based






Can use software if internet is down




Can keep alumni kids in system without cost





Child Information






Store child, parent, and pickup person information plus bus run information, enroll dates, tuition, and schedule



Store Photos for child, parents and pickup persons





Track child immunizations



Daily child log (progress reports, incidents, daily checklist, daily forms, etc)





Staff Information






Store staff information including photo, employment dates, and work schedule




Store Photos for staff





Track staff Certifications




Child/Contact Functions






Create custom reports with selectable information, information column order and contact grouping



Child Attendance






Separate Timeclock Program to let parents sign their children in/out





Graphically track child attendance in main program




Print attendance reports that show child counts, and arrivals/departures (useful for staffing)





Child Billing






Basic fixed amount billing



Flexible billing that includes tuition, overtime, expenses,  hourly/daily/weekly/monthly/part time/full time billing and automatically generates child bills





Separately tracks parent tuition and copay payments and associated balances





Supports ACH and EFT automatic payment processing


USDA Meals Program






Plan menus, print production reports,  check CACFP compliance




Print Meals Count Charts and CACFP reimbursement tables




Staff Timesheets






Separate Timeclock Program to let staff sign themselves in/out





Graphically track staff hours in main program





Print staffing reports that show staff counts for each class for each day of the week, and daily attendance schedules that count staff arriving and leaving per hour and staff schedules





Staff Wages






Flexible Payroll that includes salary, overtime, expense reimbursement, hourly/daily/ weekly/monthly and part time/full time wages and automatically generates staff paysheets





Store Payments






Store payments for childcare and payroll to staff with date, amount, and description



Batch Payment Posting




Separately store tuition and copay payments and bill separately





Center Expenses






Store center expenses including food, rent, utilities, time use %, etc



Store mileage expenses



Center Functions






Center Journal to record daily happenings and schedule and track inspections, maintenance, etc.











Create accounting reports that show payments receivable



Create accounting reports that show payroll payable, and net income





Organization Functions






Built in daily activities and appointment date book with calendars and alarms



Built in Activity Planner





System Functions






Password protection


Built in database backup function








Typical Cost for Complete System






Annual Cost To Use System






Procare Mini

M1- Family Data    

M2- Family Acct                

M3- Attendance Tracker    

M4- Employee Data                                                     






Procare Mini

M5- Accounts Payable

M6- Payroll

M7- USDA Food Program

M8- Agency Accountin






1- Similar cost includes: M1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8


EZCare Online is a Registered Trademark of Softerware, Inc.

Minute Menu is a Registered Trademark of Skyhill Software

Procare is a Registered Trademark of Professional Solutions


We are so sure you will love our software,
We offer a full 100%
60 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Your satisfaction is assured through our no risk, no-questions-asked, 100% money back guarantee. If for any reason, you aren't happy with our software, call or email us to get an RMA number, write the RMA number on the outside of the package, and just send back the software package to us within 60 days of ordering it.

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"Value. Daycare Sage is relatively inexpensive and because it is so comprehensive, you are definitely getting the best bang for your buck."


  1) "What a wonderful program.  Tried the competitors trials and this is so much simpler to use."  Mary M. Childcare Haven, Ohio

2) "Your customer service was so helpful with our installation questions.  This program is so user friendly. "Bill J. Montessori Learning Schools  Maryland

3) Our Daycare Sage software has so many features and was literally more that half the price or the competition. We love it." Betty B. California Learning Academy

4) " Love this program.  Looked at the web based offering but the customer service person explained why that was not the way to go.  She was so right. A friend went with web based and four times my price and sure enough the internet goes down and they can't use it."  Dale D. Missouri


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